What difference is there between natural and synthetic Hydroxytyrosol?

As explained before, the “mother” molecule from which HT derives is oleuropein, especially abundant in olive leaves. From this substance and using chemical procedures in a laboratory it is possible to produce HT. The latter would be considered as a ‘synthetic’ source of HT which would be lacking the other natural phenols that typically accompany HT in nature. Meanwhile, in the olive, oleuropein is already converted into HT (ie. it’s manufactured in situ by nature), and therefore, the HT extracted from this source does not require any further chemical treatments, thus resulting in a true ‘natural’ source of HT.
Therefore, the HT extract in Hidroxinua®25 is natural. In addition, together with the HT there is a group of phenols which act synergistically and together, contribute to the important benefits associated to the extract used in Hidroxinua®25.

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